Vegan Lashes

Vegan Lashes

Yup! I said Vegan Lashes!  Our Mink Lashes are 100% Cruelty-Free. But, for the Queens who are 100% Vegan to the Tee, I'm introducing to you Plant Fiber Lashes! 

Just because you want to be environmentally friendly doesn't mean you must be isolated from the Lash Queen Gang! Bring on the Vegan Baddies!

Here's the best part about them:

  • Very Durable (Some may even say indestructible 🤯)
  • Longer lasting than Regular and Mink Lashes

And of course Plant-based!!!

  1. VAULT #0863
  1. VAULT #0862
  1. VAULT #0861
  1. VAULT #0860