About ME

Nanie's Lash Vault was launched August 18th 2020.

Hey!!! I’m Nanie!! 

"Beauty starts with who you are in the inside and what you
project on the outside. Whether you like a more natural or
dramatic look, Why not have captivating lashes that will leave
everyone wanting a second look" - Nanie

Nanie's Lash Vault knows the importance in caring for more than just humans. Our 100% mink lashes are cruelty free. Raw material is vital to the perfect lashes, The Mink fur is collected from the natural shedding or molting cycles of the young mink. The lashes are sure to have the perfect 3D layered effect for a thick and longer gorgeous look.  The bands are hand crafted cotton, making it comfortable to wear your lashes throughout the day. It is very thin, soft and strong so you won't have irritation on your eyes. 

No matter what the circumstances may be Nanie's Lash Vault will forever maintain the quality of our lashes.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ​

- Dr. Maya Angelou